Slow Paths


A new series of topographic maps of the Netherlands

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Trage paden

The Dutch topographic maps at the 1:25,000 scale mapping are extremely detailed and of excellent quality. For walkers, however, they have a few drawbacks: The small size and there are no overprints of existing trails. That's why THE NOORDERZON, a Dutch publisher of detailed mapping, is now publishing a series of new maps, based on the same cartography, but with overprints highlighting local and long-distance footpaths.

Characteristics of the Slow Paths mapping:
  • Large composed maps, double–sided.
  • Scale 1:25.000. A map covers a region of 25 by 25 kilometers!
  • Printed on tear- and waterproof material (Polyart). This material is very flexible and endlessly re-folding.
  • The high quality cartography of the Ordnance Survey (Land Registry Geo-information) has been accepted.
  • Various marked walks: LAW routes (Long-Distance Footpaths), but also many corridors and walking paths are marked, accounting for a half to one full day of hiking.
  • Long-Distance Footpaths LAW – routes): the names of the routes are mentioned on the maps. Of the remaining routes, marked with dashes, GPS tracks can be downloaded off the accompanying web site.

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