Gem Trek Publishing

GEM TREK PUBLISHING offers detailed maps covering those areas that are the most popular hiking destinations in Canada. The reverse of the maps feature detailed descriptions of selected routes showing distances, elevation gains, estimated times to complete the routes and difficulty ratings. To make their maps as user-friendly as possible, Gem Trek trail maps all incorporate relief shading as well as contour lines, making it easier for map-users to visualize the topography.

Gem Trek has two main series:

"Driving maps" series

These maps are published for the recreational tourist and offer lots of accurate, practical and up-to-date information for driving: clear differentiation between main roads and secondary roads; national parks; camping sites; golf courses; hotel accommodation; points of interest etc…

Alberta SW & SE BC Banff Nat. Park BC SW & N Washington Canadian Rockies Icefields Parkway: Best of

Recreational / Topographic Park Maps:

These maps using 3 D imagery-relief shading, clearly show the hiking, cross-country skiing and mountain biking routes superimposed on superbly detailed topographical maps. Features include: hiking trails, mountain bike routes, the usual contour lines and mountain elevations, lodge, hostel and alpine hut locations, campsites, viewpoints, trail tips and descriptions, emergency contact numbers etc.

Banff Up-Close Bow Lake & Saskatchewan Crossing Jasper & Maligne Lake Best of Jasper Best of Lake Louise

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