Artefact Books

Tell your story / Write in stone

ARTEFACT BOOKS™ brings you a pocket-sized companion with no limits.
A new product from the same folks who brought you INFOMAP.

Their mission is to become Africa's primary producer of stone-paper, tree-free, waterproof, eco-friendly notebooks for the modern global traveller and thinker. They produce quality, design-orientated note books, inspired by the landscape of this ancient continent and humanity's shared history upon it.

Use it in the wild or concrete jungle, in a snow storm or searing heat, in your secret hideout or studio, in your car or on your boat, in a meeting or at your bedside, on the beach or in the shower, on the trail or under water. Made for the modern, conscious human; bringing you the best of ancient tools and cutting edge innovation - this product is made for the neo Sapien. Welcome to the New Stone Age.

The materials, design and intrinsic values are unique, offering a locally made, environmentally conscious, waterproof and durable alternative to traditional notebooks.

Collectable and archivable. ARTEFACT BOOKS™ standards make the notebooks ideal collectables.
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  • Produced in South Africa, inspired by Africa
  • Made from stone and low impact
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Archivable
  • 48 lined pages
  • Dimensions: 92mm x 140mm (A6)
  • Craenen code: ARTEFACT.

Artefact Features



Red Earth

Yellow Ochre

Dawn Dusk Red Earth Yellow Ochre
Craenen code: ARTEFACT.040
ISBN: 9781920566142
Craenen code: ARTEFACT.050
ISBN: 9781920566159
Craenen code: ARTEFACT.060
ISBN: 9781920566098
Craenen code: ARTEFACT.070
ISBN: 9781920566104

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