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If you travel by camper, you can stay almost anywhere overnight, it's however not everywhere allowed or as comfortable. With the camper guides of Dolde Medien you have the perfect tool to find a good place for you and your camper for the night during your vacation in Germany and Europe. The guides also lists many disposal stations.

Bordatlas 2017

Bordatlas 2017

With the Bordatlas in your camper, you can travel relaxed around Germany and Europe, since you always know where to find the next stop-over.

  • At a glance: revised maps help find all sites subject to and free of charge as well as sites where caravans are permitted
  • The stop-overs are shown in alphabetical order by country and city, each one is described accurately and the majority is illustrated
  • Each site is regularly checked and updated
  • 100 independent correspondents visit the sites and verify the information
  • Overview of waste treatment areas in Germany
  • Additional service: precise GPS data downloadable
  • NEW: including gift coupons worth a total of 900 €
  • NEW: anniversary lottery with prices valuing 5,300 €
  • Important for foreign customers: translation of all pictogram and key descriptions in English, French and Italian are shown on the inside rear cover

  • Order code: OUT.DOLD.BORD
  • ISBN: 9783928803755
  • Set of 2 volumes: Europe & Germany
  • More than 6,300 sites
  • In total 960 pages and 4100 images
  • Paperback

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