Wine Aroma Maps

This new kind of map visually presents grape characteristics

Wine aroma map France detail

Wine Aroma Map of France

The following is shown on the map:
  • The grape aromas as images
  • All wine regions and AOCs
    • All wine regions with the sub-regions and all their AOCs.
  • Red and white grapes
    • Per wine region is shown the most important red and white grapes ranked from the most to the least widely planted.
  • Grape characteristics
    • For each grape variety is illustrated the acidity and tannin levels and the most important characteristics of the grape in order of importance.
  • Geography
    • The most important French cities and rivers in the wine regions.

The perfect Christmas present!

  • Craenen code: WIJN.P.100
  • ISBN: 9789082623802
  • Size: 70 x 100 cm

Wine aroma map France

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